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Patients' rights A Patient is a person who has applied for help to a healthcare facility or healthcare specialist. read more
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Patients' rights

A Patient is a person who has applied for help to a healthcare facility or healthcare specialist.

Patients in Ukraine have a wide range of rights and responsibilities, although they rarely remember about them.

The Constitution of Ukraine, the Civil Code, the Law of Ukraine "Fundamentals of Ukrainian Legislation on Health Care" and other normative acts determine the following patients' rights:

patients' rights

  • the right to freely choose a doctor, if the latter can offer his services, and the choice of treatment methods in accordance with his recommendations;
  • the right to receive accurate and complete information about his/her health, including access to relevant medical documents relating to his/her health;
  • the right to informed consent regarding the use of diagnostic, prophylaxis and treatment methods and the right to refuse from treatment;
  • the right to a secret about the state of health, the fact of applying for medical aid, a diagnosis, and also information obtained during a medical examination;
  • the right of a patient undergoing an inpatient treatment in a health facility for access of other medical staff, a family member, a guardian, a trustee, a notary and a lawyer;
  • the right to be sent for treatment abroad, in case the proper type of medical care can not be provided in health care institutions within Ukraine;
  • the right to compensation for damage caused to health;
  • the possibility of conducting an independent medical examination in the case of a citizen's disagreement with the conclusions of the state medical examination, the application of the measures for compulsory treatment, and in other cases where the actions of healthcare specialists may violate generally recognized human and civil rights;
  • the right to appeal against unlawful decisions and actions of healthcare specialists and healthcare institutions.

The responsibilities of patients are not directly determined, but proceed from the rights of the doctor.

Thus, in accordance with Article 34 of the Fundamentals, a doctor has the right to refuse from a further treatment of a patient if the latter does not follow the medical prescriptions or the rules of the internal regulations of a healthcare institution, provided that this does not endanger the life of the patient.

A doctor is not responsible for the health of a patient in case of refusal of the latter from medical prescriptions or violation of the patient's established regime.

Thus, the responsibilities of patients include:

  • the duty to comply with the medical prescriptions of the doctor;
  • the duty to comply with the internal rules of the healthcare institution.